‘Hostel 3’ Trailer Brings The Horror Home

By  · Published on October 17th, 2011

So, here’s something that totally exists. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has taken a horror film and slapped the Hostel moniker on it. To be fair, the movie does deal with people getting nabbed against their will and tortured for sport, but the high concept similarities end there.

For example, this time around, we’re in Las Vegas, there’s no hostel to be found, and the torture seems to be more of a live game show than an intimate affair.

Enjoy the trailer for yourself with more than a little cheese on top:

This is what its come to. Even the trailer looks boring.

No doubt the first 20 minutes will involve jack wagons having a great time in Vegas with plenty of boobs in their eyes and Smirnoff Ice in their mouths. Then one or all get kidnapped and introduced to a bland doctor and an empty audience of people gambling on which organ will be removed first. Then, of course, someone dressed in an Avatar catsuit wielding a crossbow will save them. Naturally.

At the end, something dumb will happen to try to shock everyone, but even if someone makes it out alive, laziness will win.

Or maybe it will fool us all and be the best thing to happen to horror since Halloween: H20!

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