Holiday Word of Advice: Don’t Mess with Angels

By  · Published on December 19th, 2016

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Not all god’s creature are what they seem.

When most people think of angels, they think of white-clad, winged, benevolent messengers of god or guardians who watch over the faithful and protect them from the influence of evil. But if you’ve read your Bible (or seen any movie about angels) then you know this isn’t really how it works.

Angels are god’s warriors, they are the first, last, and only line of defense Heaven has against the agents of Hell, who were themselves, remember, angels too once upon a time. Angels are, in short, as good as you are: reward them with your faith and they will reward you with their blessings; chide them with your disbelief and they will mess you up without hesitation, remorse, or mercy. These are the same folks, after all, the Christian god used to send out to kill babies in the Old Testament. That’s not the kind of celestial being you want to fuck with.

Case in point, this short film written and co-directed by Matt Nix (creator and executive producer of Burn Notice, Complications, and The Good Guys) with Matt Fackrell (writer/director/editor Yo Gabba Gabba) entitled There Shall Come Angels, which balances the benevolence of the winged warriors with the frightening extremes of their vengeance.

Christmas Eve. A troupe of while-clad juvenile carolers. One house at which they are warmly received, one house at which they are coldly turned away. Can you guess the opposing consequences? Maybe basically, but to see just how kind and wicked these angels can be, you need to click play. There’s no dialogue, only singing, which somehow makes the film even more effective and haunting. If you’re looking for a different sort of holiday film this year, look no further. There Shall Come Angels might be a short, but its effect is long-lasting.

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