Has ‘Mission Impossible 4’ Found A Villain With A Fondness For Dragon Tattoos?

By  · Published on September 24th, 2010

Consider this as a rumor from the Swedish TMZ crowd until further confirmation, but Tom Cruise and director Brad Bird may have found their villain for Mission Impossible 4

Per online Swedish tabloid, Nojes Bladet, Michael Nyqvist may be starring against Cruise as one of the baddies in the latest installment of the action/spy franchise. If the name doesn’t sound familiar it may be that you have yet to catch international sensation, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, or its two equally popular sequels. I don’t speak Swedish, so I’ve had to trust in the infallible accuracy of Google Translator. Which means any errors in this post, big or small, can be blamed on the fine folks at Google. And probably on the Swedes too.

Per Nyqvist, per the blog, per Google Translator, Nyqvist…

has recently finished shooting the thriller Abduction against Denzel Washington and Taylor Lautner in the U.S. Nyqvist barely had time to finish it until he was offered the role of villain in the fourth Mission Impossible movie. Against one of the world’s biggest movie stars. He flew to Prague, where filming began this week. ‘This project continues until March. We will record here and in the U.S. and in Dubai, although it obviously will be periods of leave in the middle,’ said Nyqvist. ‘I like Tom Cruise. He is damn nice. We have some sort of channel that makes us work well together. And Brad Bird, who directs, is a fun guy.’ For Michael Nyqvist this will be his first big action film. And there will be action, he promises. ‘I’m having to train kickboxing and such every day. And in the end, Tom Cruise and I have a fight as it will take three to four weeks to film, there will be stunts where we are using ropes and such.’”

Nyqvist’s Millennium Trilogy co-star, Noomi Rapace, was previously rumored to be joining the production, but she chose the Sherlock Holmes sequel instead apparently. It’s unclear from the report if Nyqvist will be the main villain or not, but the fact that he gets an apparently elaborate third act battle with Cruise leans towards that being the case. With filming begun (or about to start anyway) expect confirmation or denial to hit fairly quickly on this.

And a big thanks to the fine Swede over at my favorite non-commercialized movie blog, GoneElsewhere, for pointing me to the original Swedish post.

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