H.R. Giger Might Design Another ‘Alien’ For Prequels

By  · Published on December 20th, 2010

Without H.R. Giger’s design for the alien in the original Alien, it wouldn’t have come close to having the impact that it had. It was the launch of not only a frightening new monster to invade our nightmares, but also of an iconic beast that permeates pop culture. Thousands of monsters movies attempted it, and Alien found success because of Giger.

Now, it’s loosely confirmed that he’ll be back on board for the prequels. Good news by any stretch of the imagination.

Aint It Cool tracked down a video interview with Giger’s wife. Fortunately the whole thing is in German:

HR Giger, Schöpfer der “Alien”-Figur für den 1979 entstandenen Film von Ridley Scott, wird erneut mit dem Regisseur zusammenarbeiten. Dies bestätigte die Frau des Schweizer Künstlers, Carmen Scheifele, in der Sendung “glanz & gloria” des Schweizer Fernsehens. Ihr Mann sei “on board”, also dabei, sagte Scheifele. Es werde sicher einen 3D-Film geben, wahrscheinlich aber zwei. Geplant sei ein Prequel, das die Geschichte vor dem ersten Alien-Film erzählt.

Double fortunately, thanks to Google, I can pretend to speak German:

HR Giger, creator of “Alien”figure for the 1979 film by Ridley Scott will be incurred once again work with the director. This confirmed the wife of the Swiss artist, Carmen Scheifele, in the TV show “Glanz & Gloria” on Swiss television. Her husband was “on board” that is it,” said Scheifele. It would certainly be a 3D movie, but probably two. The plan is a prequel that tells the story before the first Alien movie.

There is nothing like good news to start out the week, and even with the healthy skepticism that comes naturally with seeing a reboot or prequel of a beloved series, having Giger on board is a stroke of genius that feels like the linchpin to the success of the look of the film.

What do you think?

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