Guy Pearce Admits Being ‘Afraid Of The Dark’

Guy Pearce is spending time with Katie Holmes in the dark. Hopefully neither of them will trip over Tom Cruise…
By  · Published on June 30th, 2009

Guy Pearce has joined Katie Holmes in the upcoming remake of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.  The movie starts production next month in Australia per The Hollywood Reporter, and is being produced by Guillermo del Toro who also co-wrote the script along with Matthew Robbins (Dragonslayer, Mimic).

The original film involved a young couple who move into their dream house but soon discover it’s actually a nightmare abode!  Or something.  Kim Darby, who played the wife, discovers strange, little creatures living in the basement, but when she tries to tell people about them everyone thinks she’s just having women troubles.  Everyone, including her husband, doubts her claims and she’s left to deal with the demonic little bastards on her own.  It doesn’t end well… and it’s actually pretty goddamn creepy for a TV movie.

Per THR, the remake is shaking up the story a bit by adding a child into the mix.  Bailee Madison will star as Pearce and Holmes’s daughter and will be the first to discover the creatures.  She eventually convinces her mother but her father only grows more and more frustrated with the women in his life and their fanciful tales of monsters in the basement.  Hopefully the movie will manage to stay true to the original’s ending.

Have you seen the original?  What do you think about a del Toro produced remake?

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