Greg Mottola Finds Pitt And Portman Among ‘Important Artifacts And Personal Property’

By  · Published on April 20th, 2010

I like Brad Pitt, but I really like Natalie Portman. Not in a weird, perverted kind of way mind you… I think she’s an extremely talented actress, a wonderful humanitarian, and a classic beauty. Sure I’ve also entertained the idea of keeping her in a suitcase as my own personal, Israeli-American version of Mia Matsumiya, but that’s a fairly normal desire I think. Anyway, point is that Portman and Pitt are both fantastic actors and they may be working together soon.

Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland, and the upcoming Paul) has been hired to adapt Leanne Shapton’s eclectically-titled book, “Important Artifacts And Personal Property From The Collection Of Lenore Doolan And Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion And Jewelry,” into a film for Pitt and Portman. The title will probably be shortened before it hits theaters…

Shapton’s book is a fictional look into the ups and downs of a relationship by way of the “stuff” accumulated and collected by the couple over the years. Instead of a more traditional narrative, the book is presented like an auction catalog with photos and item descriptions of photos, notes, furniture, clothing, their dissolution has even claimed a DVD of the classic Strange Brew as one of its victims. Through the items the reader learns about the couple’s romance, life together, and eventual drifting apart. It’s highly unconventional but makes for some very interesting and surprisingly engaging reading.

Mottola will be turning that collection of images and notes into a romantic comedy for the acting duo, and it should be a fair challenge for the scribe. The material (both in book and future script form) bears little resemblance to his previous films, so it should be interesting to see if he sticks with the project beyond simply writing the script. His comedies are a bit broader than this is expected to be, but he’s always had more than a little bit of heart weaved throughout them as well. He’s also never written a script that he didn’t direct, so this may be his next project after Paul.

Have you read the book? Will it make a good movie? What would you stuff Natalie Portman into?

Source: Risky Business

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