Got a Message You Want to Survive the End of the World? One Filmmaker Wants It

By  · Published on July 30th, 2012

“Simple Idea: People from around the world will make 30 second to 2 minutes videos about human nature, relations, love or anything beautiful. All videos will be edited into one,then uploaded, as the world is comes to an end.”

That’s the prompt on the Facebook page for Nikolas Dane’s forthcoming video project. The goal is to crowdsource work that showcases human life and use it to craft a patchwork quilt of experiences from all over the planet. “The main idea is to do a global video about the beauty of the world and humans. Specifically during these hard times,” Dane told me by email. “This project actually started as a ‘Last Day on Earth’ video between me and a friend in a different part of the world, years ago. She has now moved on to other things and is not into video that much, but I think the main idea still works – having people from different parts of the world submitting videos and showing why life, humans and the world is a thing to be remembered.”

If the world did end, what message would you want the universe to save for whoever and whatever comes next?

Of course, Dane has a very specific release date in mind. “The video will be uploaded on Dec 20th or 21th depending on timing and all that. Which is when the Mayan calendar ‘finishes’ and ‘the end of the world begins.’” So far, response has been solid enough to surprise Dane, who is considering a Kickstarter campaign and sponsorships to help with incidentals of the independent project.

We have our own Apocalypse Soon feature – chronicling movies that are worth seeing before we all go up in flames – but Dane’s project will give a voice to people with cameras of any kind (including the ones on your cell phone) to help create a movie built from individual yet universal experiences.

So what do you want to be remembered?

Click here to get more information and submit work to the End of the World video project.

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