‘Godless’ Trailer: Rattlesnakes Abound in Steven Soderbergh’s Netflix Series

Netflix embarks on journey west with Soderberg and an all-star cast.
By  · Published on October 16th, 2017

Netflix embarks on journey west with Soderbergh and an all-star cast.

Steven Soderbergh might have returned to feature-length filmmaking with this year’s Logan Lucky, but he still has more stories for television to tell. With his new limited-series Godless, Soderbergh will explore the Western genre. He will produce the series, while screenwriter Scott Frank (Logan) will direct the seven-episode series. Godless has the essence of a tough and dirty Western and includes a star-studded cast of Jeff Daniels, Michelle Dockery, and Jack O’Connell. 

There are plenty of striking images in this first tease for Godless. We see images of a baby precariously close to a rattlesnake and Jeff Daniels lifting a gun to take a man out. It is the kind of bleakness you might expect from a trailer entitled “Welcome to No Man’s Land.” We imagine a much more plot-heavy trailer will come out explaining exactly what is going on but there’s not much relayed regarding the plot. Thankfully, Entertainment Weekly has the details.

This is Netflix’s first foray into the Western, but more are coming. Godless tells the story of criminal Frank Griffin (Daniels), whose gang of outlaws wants revenge against Roy Goode (O’Connell). You don’t betray a criminal in the old west and live to tell about it. Roy takes refuge in a New Mexico mining town that is largely run by women, including fellow outcast Alice Fletcher (Dockery). There’s a good chance that Griffin and Goode will settle their grudge one way or another. Perhaps it will lead to an all-out war between the women of the mining town and Goode’s gang of thieves.

With how great both Logan and Logan Lucky were we can’t wait to watch what the team of Soderbergh and Frank have in store with Godless.

Godless is a seven-part limited series that will hit Netflix on November 22, 2017.

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