‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel That Won’t Happen Just Got Interesting

By  · Published on August 31st, 2010

Bill Murray has been fairly outspoken about not liking the script for Ghostbusters 3. He’s also been fairly outspoken about wanting to be killed off in the first act only to return as a ghost. As you might guess, it’s a little difficult to understand whether he wants to be a part of it or not (unless he means that his literal ghost would be acting on the film instead of him).

It’s the second most aggravating project out there right now (tailing Arrested Development only by inches) because a lot of fans want it, but it’s been all-talk-no-action for so long that it feels like the production has turned into your high school prom date.

Now, there’s word that an unfamilar familiar face might be returning, at least in the script’s eyes, to become the next generation of Ghostbuster. Possible spoilers haunt this entire post, so steer clear if you don’t want to know what might possibly happen in a film that might not.

The face in question is familiar because we’ve seen it before, but unfamiliar because he was a toddler at the time. That’s right, friends. The script sees Baby Oscar (now totally free of any demonic painting spirits (but probably still dealing with abandonment issues from that deadbeat dad Peter Venkman)) all grown up and ready to toss on a proton pack.

This is a cool move that ties together the decades-old franchise together, and he production can pretty much cast anyone. Hopefully they’ll still choose to dress the actor in a yellow onesy.

What do you think?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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