‘Ghost Shark’ Trailer: It’s Not ‘Sharknado,’ But It’s Close Enough

By  · Published on July 17th, 2013

Update: Active Entertainment has asked us to remove the trailer, which is not the official version or release and had been leaked by mistake. We apologize for the inconvenience and will post the actual Ghost Shark trailer once it is legitimately available.

Last week, Sharknado took the world by storm. And rightly so. No film in the history of the medium has captured the pure, face-melting terror of both natural disasters and aquatic sea life. But Syfy doesn’t seem prepared to let the Sharknado hype die down, and so we get the trailer for the next surefire shark hit: Ghost Shark. The film stars Mackenzie Rosman (of Seventh Heaven fame), and like Sharknado, the premise is exactly what you think it is.

Check out the trailer below.

The premise isn’t quite as weird as Sharknado, but Ghost Shark more than makes up for that with a slew of terrible, terrible ideas. A spectral shark is one that the audience rarely sees, so most of the kills seem to be people screaming and then being eaten by a splash of water and the implication of a shark. And it seems like the ghost shark can chomp anyone at any time so long as there is a small amount of water on or near a potential victim. Sprinklers, bathwater, slightly above average humidity- all are the hunting ground of the dreaded ghost shark.

Thomas Vitale (Syfy’s Executive Vice President of Programming and Original Movies) spoke to Deadline about Ghost Shark, and said that the idea came from his seven-year-old daughter, and that there is ‘a logical reason’ for the ghost shark’s existence. The former is pretty believable, but the latter? Not so much.

Ghost Shark will haunt Syfy on Thursday, August 22 at 9PM.