The Best Moments of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale

One last breakdown for one last episode.
Game Of Thrones Finale
By  · Published on May 23rd, 2019

The Student Becomes the Teacher

Finale Council

Once upon a time, Davos was a crabber’s son from Flea Bottom. Illiterate and self-doubting, he deferred to Stannis Baratheon with near reverence. Since season 2, we have watched Davos Seaworth come into his own, a just and honest man and a formidable player in the game of thrones. He’s learned to read and the art of politicking, but he’s never lost the plain-spoken, no-nonsense charm that made him endearing in the first place. Davos was more of a background player this season, but the first small council meeting of King Bran I of the Six Kingdoms gave him a moment to shine, calling out Bronn, the new Lord of Highgarden, over a grammatical error. From smuggling to correcting lords in a small council meeting—Davos started at the bottom, now he’s here.

The Queen in the North

Finale Sansa Queen

Sansa’s coronation as the queen of the newly independent North was easily the most satisfying and well-developed of any of the fates bestowed upon any of the show’s major players, a fitting conclusion to her series-long journey to coming to accept, appreciate, and fight for her identity as a proud Northerner and a Stark. King Bran and Jon Snow’s return to the Wall both felt incredibly rushed, and while Arya looks happy on her boat, going on an adventure without any close companions to share it with—an idea she first conceived when she was just getting out of her murder internship and thought all of her family was dead—feels like both a backslide and a decided swerve from the supposed epiphany she had the last episode following Sandor Clegane’s “go home” speech. But I digress. From her dress—on point, as always, this is Sansa after all—to the celebratory cheers of her loyal bannermen, Sansa’s final scene is a fitting farewell that’s perfectly in keeping with her development over the seasons.

Jon Finally Shows Ghost Some Love

Finale Jon Ghost

To be honest, if I were Ghost I’d bite off Jon’s traitorous hand for ditching me for some dumb dragon who doesn’t even know how to swerve, but clearly, the direwolf is a more forgiving creature than I am. After all, Ghost is a very good fluffy boy. That said, being a very good fluffy boy, Ghost deserves all the love and pats, and if he wants them from his undeserving owner, then so be it.

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