Full ‘Skyfall’ Trailer: Javier Bardem’s Hair is Ridiculous So the Movie Must Be Good

By  · Published on July 31st, 2012

With the new trailer for Skyfall, director Sam Mendes and the hairstylists have recognized the true method to ensuring Javier Bardem is a terrifying villain: give him the most ridiculous haircut possible. There’s no telling what sort of dastardly work he’s up to here, or what James Bond will have to do to stop him, but none of that matters because it’s all overshadowed by the kind of blond wig Dave Chapelle used when he was doing whiteface.

It’s like what Donald Trump would look like if he never went thin on top.

How do those back goosebumps feel?

Of course the real star of this trailer is Roger Deakins’ cinematography, followed closely by Daniel Craig in a death-defying turn as 007. Check it out for yourself:

Well, that looks cool as hell.

Skyfall hits theaters November 9th.

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