Free Movie Monday: Krull

By  · Published on September 27th, 2010

Because we’re all too broke to go to the theater or afford gold-plated rental services, FSR is offering free movies every Monday for the month of September. If this title doesn’t strike your fancy, head to to see what else they have for your viewing pleasure. The selection is great, and even better – the price is right.

What do you need to get you excited about Krull? Cyborgs? Giant spaceships? Foretold, galaxy-ruling children? Liam Neeson playing a convict and inexplicably being in this movie at all? The answer should be an enthusiastic, “Why not! There’s nothing else to do.”

Jokes aside, Krull is a ridiculous, fun, and ridiculously fun movie that almost needs to be seen to be believed.

If you love it, you know you want to see it again. If you haven’t seen it, you owe it to yourself to stop reading my ramblings and go watch it.

It might surprise people to know that Krull was directed by Oscar nominated director Peter Yates because it doesn’t fit into the rest of his library of work. However, he somehow managed to churn out a fantasy science fiction film that became a bit of a cult classic, especially among collectors of promotional film buttons. You don’t have to be that dedicated to enjoy it, but it helps.

The title refers not to the giant, red-eyed alien menace, but the sprawling landscape of the planet. The look and scope of the film are expansive, and far more professional looking than one might expect from the time period and the plot synopsis. Make no mistake. This is not a midnight film to mock with your friends alongside a robot shaped like a fire hydrant. Krull is, in a lot of ways, better than Dune (there, I’ve said it) and looks strikingly similar.

The acting is consistently melodramatic, which is exactly what the space saga needs. Plus, everyone has teased out hair which means the rest of the galaxy also caught on to the Charlie’s Angels craze.

It was an expensive film for the time, but the money is all on the screen. From the claw hand fortress wing to the spectral spiderweb-style grand halls, set design and early computer graphics ate up most of the budget, and it makes for a gorgeous postcard from across the stars.

Watch Krull or check out the other films that Crackle has to offer. For free.

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