Fred Durst Goes ‘Psycho’ With The Writer Of ‘Se7en’

As if your day wasn’t awesome enough, Fred Durst is directing another movie. Feel free to celebrate.
By  · Published on March 25th, 2009

What the hell happened to Andrew Kevin Walker anyway? After a couple false starts with the psuedo horror/sci-fi films Brainscan and Hideaway, Walker wrote the script of a lifetime for the preeminent serial killer film, Se7en. He followed that up with 8mm (good but tampered with) and Sleepy Hollow (still one of Tim Burton’s best), and then seemed to disappear from feature films all together.

Cut to ten years later, and Walker has three films currently in production including The Wolf Man reboot and the heist film Armored. The newest of the three is the just announced Psycho Killer for director Fred Durst. (Yes, that Fred Durst.) According to ShockTillYouDrop and a Hollywood Reporter piece I can’t seem to find, the film is about “a serial killer on a mission for Satan.” If that hasn’t sold you on it, how about Durst’s use of adjectives… “It’s not a throwaway slasher genre film. It’s a very smart, really compelling story… It’s really interesting and the way it’s written-it’s so unique. Andy is an incredible writer.” Between the terrible title and Durst’s existing directorial resume (The Longshots, The Education of Charlie Banks) the movie’s only real hope rests with Walker’s screenplay.

As far as where Walker went during those ten missing years, the answer seems to be nowhere. He reportedly spent time doing uncredited rewrites on films like The Game and Fight Club, as well as writing comic based scripts that never saw the light of day. Batman vs Superman? Silver Surfer? X-Men? I’d love to see Walker’s version of the X-Men… I hear the scene where Magneto forces Wolverine to fist Cyclops is incredibly intense.

Can a script by Walker save a film by Durst?

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