First Bane Picture Portends One Full Year of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Viral

By  · Published on May 20th, 2011

Just like The Dark Knight, it appears that when he Rises, it’ll be alongside a full spectrum of viral campaigning. There was some question as to whether the last campaign (as fun as it was) had any effect on the box office, but it seems pretty plausible that it accounted for selling a lot of second, third and fourth tickets for people hooked into the experience of the movie that existed in their own world.

Calling the Gotham Police Department to report a crime only to be accused of being corrupt was pretty awesome.

The viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises has already begun, and it’s kicked off by getting fans involved to reveal the first image of Tom Hardy as Bane. That’s what you came for, so here it is (and it gets bigger when you click):

Powder looks like he took steroids. Or a demon from an Aphex Twin video became a real boy.

Whatever you want to compare it to, it looks scary without even trying. That’s a good start for a character that might be one of the toughest (mentally and physically) that Batman ever went up against.

What do you think?

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