Figurehead Takes a Twin Peaks Actor and Pokes Fun at the Hype

By  · Published on January 2nd, 2017

Short of the Day

Harry Goaz stars in this surreal, funny, meta-short.

Whether you’re a fan of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks or not, if you keep your ear to the pulse of pop culture you have no doubt noticed the insane amount of hype surrounding the show’s return this year. I myself have contributed to this hype pretty much every chance I get, because I truly believe it’s going to be the greatest thing the medium has ever presented. But that being said, I will admit that we’re setting ourselves up for massive disappointment if season three is anything less than outstanding.

This hype is just one of the things writer/director Jason Reimer played with in his short film Figurehead, which stars Peaker Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy Brennan) as a reclusive painter and somewhat-autobiographical character who is living off a family trust that’s finally started to run out when he gets a call from “David” about “bringing the show back.” The parallels are obvious, especially when Reimer throws in some trippy, imaginary characters and a heap of daddy-issues to boot, but this isn’t a straight play off the returning series, rather a standalone film that reads like a dimensional offshoot of Twin Peaks more than it does a tie-in. Either way, it’s the first time most of us have seen Goaz act in a good while, and the nostalgia born of seeing his bright smile is worth the price of admission on its own.

While we’re eagerly waiting for first footage from the third season of Twin Peaks, whet your appetite with Reimer’s delightful short and Goaz’s buoyant performance. The film might poke fun at the hype surrounding the series, but it also helps to inform it.


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