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Exploring a New Kind of Streaming Solution from Logitech and Azulle

By  · Published on November 18th, 2015

Plenty of devices stream media, but how many are also powerful computers? Here’s one that is.

In a new series of columns focused on the technology that’s taking over your living room, we’ll be exploring some of the unique options you have for getting movies, TV shows and other streaming content to your television.

This Azulle Access PC Stick is one of the more interesting new entries into the living room space. Not because it’s another streaming device, but because it’s an actual computer that you plug into and use via your television. All you need is an HDTV with and HDMI port and Wi-Fi to begin streaming 1080p video. Sure, you’ve got all the staples of a streaming device, including Netflix. But you’ve also got other interesting options. It runs Windows 10, so you have the ability to do things like play games via Steam, make calls via Skype or switch over to doing some work with Microsoft Office. You definitely need an external keyboard and mouse to navigate the PC stick and the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus is the perfect solution. It’s compact, wireless, familiar, plug and play and affordable, and it enables you to stream without any effort, from the comfort of your couch.

When you think about the things it can do – considerably more versatile than most other streaming devices – this is something that you’d imagine might be far more costly. Here’s the most interesting part: Azulle and Logitech have a bundle that can be purchased from Amazon for $159.99. The bundle includes the Azulle streaming stick and a Logitech K400 Plus wireless keyboard with trackpad, allowing you full control from anywhere in the living room.

This is what has caught our attention the most. Price is one thing. Power and versatility are another. When you combine the two, you have something worth exploring. And the notion that we could take a break in between episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones when it hits Netflix later this week to check some email or jump on the web and check Twitter (to ensure that the world hasn’t fallen into chaos while we were Netflix and Chill’ing) is a neat proposition. The ability to browse the web and do regular computing things on one’s television is something to which many will go to great lengths to accomplish.

I’ve watched friends build expensive, complicated PCs for the purpose of connecting them to their TVs. This setup from Logitech and Azulle does the hard work for you. It includes the streaming stick, brimming with possibilities, and a K400 Plus wireless keyboard with a range of up to 33-feet and batteries that last up to 18 months. Which is especially helpful when you plug it into your 80” television and need to sit at a proper distance (and then you don’t move for several months). Not that we’ve done that last part (we have).

In your quest to find the perfect streaming solution for your living room, give this Logitech and Azulle bundle a look.

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