‘Expendables’ Trailer Calls Your Manhood Into Question

By  · Published on July 13th, 2010

In the best piece of film marketing of the year so far, The Expendables have decided to pull out all the pretense. In its place, they’ve aimed a .50 caliber M2 at your testicles and lightly squeezed the trigger.

Obviously, this advertisement is only aimed at the movie-goers of the male persuasion.

There’s no need for fluffy words to get in the way here. You just have to watch the damned trailer for yourself.


The challenge is at your feet! The gauntlet has been thrown! You’ve been slapped in the face by the Expendables crew, and you’re expected to deliver.

Alongside the twin fists of fury here, it’s great to see a movie trailer that calls out illegal movie downloading. In fact, this should be played in response to any lengthy tirade about why movie pirating is totally ethical and fun for kids.

Violence belongs in the theater. On a big screen. With a sound system that threatens your health.

It’s also nice to see a Roberts-on-Roberts Battle Royale.

The Expendables vs Eat, Pray, Love! Friday! Friday! Friday! (August 13th)

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