Exclusive Trailer Debut: ‘Only the Young’ Is a Truly Wonderful True Teen Movie

By  · Published on November 9th, 2012

Exclusive Trailer Debut: ‘Only the Young’ Is a Truly Wonderful True Teen Movie

Fresh from its Audience Award win at AFI FEST yesterday, the amazing and beautiful nonfiction teen movie Only the Young has a brand new trailer, and we’re happy to unleash it out into the world. Directed by newcomers Jason Tippet and Elizabeth Mims, a duo who can’t seem to get away from being called the filmmakers of tomorrow, this candid look at a trio of evangelical skate punks in a Southern California desert town is one of the most honest movies I’ve seen in a long time. And it deserves to be seen no matter any of your prejudices against documentary (you’ll often forget it is one), religious youth (you’ll forget all about Jesus Camp) or the plethora of lookalike skater films (beyond its skin, there are no similarities between this and 2011’s Dragonslayer). Believe me that you’ll fall in love with this movie, as I and so many festival audiences have already.

Only the Young introduces us to best friends Garrison and Kevin, goofy teens just hanging out and growing up with little to do in a suburban community that’s clearly seen devastating effects of the economic crisis. Along comes Skye and a new kind of close relationship for Garrison, but more girl friend than girlfriend. In fact, Garrison eventually starts dating another girl at school. There’s jealousy, heartbreak, tears, but also a lot of warm, heartfelt talks and many laughs. It really is a lot like a real-life John Hughes movie, as is hinted at in a blurb in the trailer from yours truly (pulled from Movies.com). But to say this is to make it sound like these kids are stereotypes when really it’s more the other way around, that this is the sort of true teen drama and emotion that Hughes excelled at tapping into.

Check out this new trailer below:

Here’s a look at the new one-sheet for the film:

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