Every Deleted Joker Scene from Suicide Squad in One Twisted Video

By  · Published on November 22nd, 2016

Got a Leto jones? We got your fix.

Somebody at DC must hate Jared Leto’s Joker performance in Suicide Squad, because damned if it doesn’t feel like there was more footage shot and unused than there was footage that’s seen the light of day. First there was the theatrical release, which practically showed more of Ben Affleck’s Batman than it did Leto’s Joker. Then just last week an “Extended Cut” was released to digital HD with a promised 13-minutes of deleted scenes fans were hoping would fill in the gaps the theatrical edition left open, but alas, out of the handful of scenes presented, only one features the Clown Prince of Crime.

How, why, and for what reasons this glaring omission has taken place is a conversation for another time and someone else, if it hasn’t already been talked about to death, but for right here, right now, how about we just give you – courtesy of YouTuber RedDawnHanger77 – every single frame of released footage of the Joker that didn’t make the theatrical cut, or the extended cut, but instead comes from the footage shown in trailers domestic and international, various TV spots, featurettes, b-stock, and even set photos. Some of these clips clarify certain elements of the Joker story that did make it into Suicide Squad and some standalone, unconnected to anything, hinting at scenes never shot, but all would seem to lead you to the conclusion that Leto’s take as designed was going to be much darker and more sadistic than what made it into the finished film (either version).

Love him or hate him, you have to admit Leto’s Joker was certainly interesting, and fans clamoring for more might have to tide themselves over with this, as there’s no indication Leto has signed for any future appearances in DC films, not Justice League, The Batman or the in-development Harley Quinn solo flick. The last laugh seems to be already had.

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