‘End of the Road’ is Just the Beginning

By  · Published on March 23rd, 2017

Short of the Day

An animated fable.

The best stories are elliptical, their ends are new beginnings. This is certainly true of today’s Short selection, End of the Road, an animated film from Bri Meyer in which a motorist traveling through the desert picks up another at the side of the road at the scene of a very bad car accident. The traveler doesn’t seem hurt, but as he won’t speak, it’s tough to tell. Until it isn’t.

Meyer facilitated every single aspect of this film herself, from the writing to the animation to the editing, and as such it’s a very aesthetically cohesive short with every element informing the others. It’s a simple story with a heady conclusion and in its brevity there’s a chilling elegance that make End of the Road far more resonant than its runtime might suggest.

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