Disney Might Give the People What They Think They Want: Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones

By  · Published on January 27th, 2015

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It all began with a really great Photoshop of Chris Pratt dressed as Indiana Jones. No, wait, it actually started with the actor’s performance in Guardians of the Galaxy, the opening of which has him aping the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fans of Pratt thought, “Hmm, he’s sort of doing a bit of Indy meets Han Solo there in that surprisingly awesome movie; perhaps he’s the new Harrison Ford and so let’s get the Internet excited with an image of what he would look like in a Regarding Henry remake.” Just kidding; they exclaimed, “Here’s Pratt as Indy with hat and jacket and whip!!” (specifically “Rahzzah” on Deviant Art) And some websites ran with the idea to the point that others were reporting it as rumor if not truth.

Well, now even the trades are on board, because maybe Disney is actually on board. Deadline claims the studio is “eyeing” Pratt for the role once they start making new Indiana Jones movies. That doesn’t mean there’s any deal out to the actor or a greenlight of a production or anything. If the sources are to be believed even, this is all just a matter of Disney saying, “Hmm, he sort of looks perfect as Indy in that fan-made picture – let’s consider it.” But last year, before their Guardians movie was a huge hit and fans were playing with Photoshop, they were all, “Hmm, how about Robert Pattinson for the Indiana Jones franchise?” And before that, they were saying, “Hmm, how about Bradley Cooper for Indy?”

My guess is that he is being considered, but besides there being no plans for a reboot fully fleshed out yet, the studio may want to see how Jurassic World does. Last year, Pratt was star of two of the biggest movies in the world (the other being The Lego Movie), and if he does well enough with the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel, he’ll be a confirmed lucky charm for new and old franchises. Hollywood will want him for everything, including G.I. Joe, which he claims he’d auditioned for back in the day but was too out-of-shape. But should he do Indiana Jones? Why take on an iconic character after mimicking that character? It’d be like if Ford had gone from Raiders and immediately starred in a remake of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

I’m still all for the Indiana Jones franchise to become like the James Bond franchise, with new actors in the role every generation, but maybe there’s someone else more suited for the role. I’d just as much enjoy seeing Pratt’s Parks and Recreation co-star Nick Offerman fighting Nazis. And no, he’s not too old – he’s currently younger than Ford was on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Someone give me that Photoshop.

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