‘Disconnect’ Trailer: Basically, We Should All Just Get Off the Internet Right Now

By  · Published on March 2nd, 2013

Considering that you’re reading this article on the Internet right now, it doesn’t seem likely that you’re afraid of the world wide web but, if documentary director Henry Alex Rubin’s feature debut has anything to say about that, you soon will be. In Rubin’s Disconnect, the technological world is a nefarious one, swarming with bad people trying to do bad things. Some people just like playing Bejeweled and reading Gawker on the interwebs but, sure, there are plenty of people to be feared just a chat window away.

The film is also one of those interconnected affairs, tracking a a group of people who are all loosely linked via their Internet activities ‐ Jason Bateman’s kid is being catfished by Frank Grillo’s kid, while Grillo’s cop character is helping out a couple (Alexander Skarsgard and Paula Patton) who appear to have had their identities stolen online and so on and so forth. If something bad can happen to you on the Internet, it looks like Disconnect will address it in one of the film’s many plotlines. Unplug now!

If you’re still Interneting about, check out the trailer for Disconnect after the break.

Disconnect hits limited release on April 12th. [Apple]