Did Matthew Vaughn Ditch ‘X-Men’ Sequel for New ‘Star Wars’?

By  · Published on November 5th, 2012

Ever since the surprising announcement that we have a new Star Wars on the way, just about every movie site on the web has started running lists (including us!) of who they’d love to see direct it. I’m sure Matthew Vaughn’s name was on more than a few of those lists (as it turned on, he didn’t appear on ours), and it seems there’s a small, small chance of that dream coming true. According to (an unconfirmed rumor on) Collider, Vaughn is in discussions to direct.

First of all, take this story with a grain of salt. New Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy is probably having a lot of discussions with all kinds of directors, considering how many people would die to take a crack at Star Wars. Vaughn is most likely one of those guys and on a list of hopeful prospects they have, just like their list for who they’d want to play the old, whiny Luke Skywalker.

The rumor of Vaughn dropping X-Men: Days of Future Past for a chance at Star Wars is highly questionable. Why would he drop a serious go project for a long shot? Tom Rothman leaving Fox had more to do with that decision, along with the fact Vaughn has a bunch of other projects he’s been developing and could move forward with.

Matthew Vaughn making the new Lucas-free Star Wars movie sounds great, but don’t be surprised if this story goes nowhere.

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