Dennis Gansel Plans to Attack Everyone in the World on ‘Grim Night’

By  · Published on August 8th, 2012

As we all know, Grim Night is the one night out of the year that we all board up our windows, shove pillows into the chimney and sit fetal-positioned in the corner with a weapon of choice hoping against hope that the monsters won’t eat us. Fortunately, German director Dennis Gansel (We Are the Night) is making a movie based on our worldwide annual nightmare.

Rob enjoyed Gansel’s feminine twist on vampires, and We Are the Night made Fure’s Best Horror List for 2011, so a follow-up from Gansel could be fun. Plus, the story here sounds like fertile ground for terror. According to Coming Soon, the movie will focus on an American family’s ordeal with the mysterious beings called Grims who descend once a year to kill, and the site even dug up the original concept pitch trailer for your approval:

Not bad, although there’s no telling what the style will be once Gansel gets to work on it. At any rate, the creature design here is frighteningly simple – ragged reapers who kill at random.

It’s a horror film full of potential.

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