Del Toro Looks Beyond Hellboy 2 to Hellboy 3… And No More

Guillermo del Toro sets his sights on a possible sequel to Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, but will draw the line at any further sequels. Looks like Hellboy will turn into yet another movie trilogy.
By  · Published on April 24th, 2008

Guillermo del Toro would like to make another Hellboy movie if the sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army does well, but that’s about all he has left. The current movie is taking a bit of a heavier toll as well, since it’s an original story written and developed by both del Toro and creator Mike Mignola, rather than drawing on one of the comic book plots.

del Toro goes on to say that he’d like to bring the Nazis back for the third movie, and that there are already the seeds of a sequel planted in Hellboy II. However, these won’t be World War II era Nazis, these will be present day Nazis, “What public face would the Nazis have in 2009/2010? How rich would they be? How in charge could they be? It’s not this group of freakies that hide in the sewers, but people that are incredibly rich.” Hellboy fighting rich Nazis in the present day? I’m sold.

This seems to be a running theme with filmmakers, do three movies and then call it quits, despite whatever the box office receipts and audiences call for. Is three just a magic number? After all, we’ve had three Spidey films, three Matrix movies, three Bourne films, three Star Wars movies (Prequels? What prequels?) and so on. Maybe that’s the breaking point for directors where they hit the breaking point and teeter on the edge of insanity.

News Courtesy of Sci Fi Wire

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