Darren Aronofsky Wants To Give the World His Take On ‘Batman’

By  · Published on January 17th, 2011

In the most confusing conversation possible, Darren Aronofsky might have revealed that he’s attempting to 1) write and publish a comic book of his Batman story or 2) write and publish a comic book of his Batman story in order to get it made as a movie.

That’s pretty bold considering the trilogy crafted by Christopher Nolan and company isn’t even done yet. Hell, it’s not even filming, and if this quote means what some hope it means, Aronofsky is pointing for the fences a bit early on in the process.

The money quote:

CoF: Speaking of which, you’ve worked in the comic-book medium before, with your adaptation of The Fountain (2006), and the tie-in book to Pi. Do you ever feel like realizing your vision of something like the Batman story that you were working on as a comic book?

DA: Well, we’re actually doing one. It hasn’t really been announced, I don’t know if I should give you the scoop! But we’re getting there. We’re doing a comic book of a script that’s really hard to make and we’re going to do a comic version first and see what happens…

It seems like if you come up with an original script, in Hollywood it’s not as effective as a comic book. It doesn’t even have to be successful as a comic; I mean how successful were Kick-Ass or Scott Pilgrim? Those were fringe comics, right, and they were basically turned in to big pictures.

And see what happens…

The CoF stands for Clothes on Film, who got the reluctant scoop, but the wording isn’t nearly as concrete as I’d like.

On the other hand, it proves the theory that we’ll most likely get yet another Batman movie (a Batman reboot) soon after getting the emotional closure of Nolan’s final film with the character.

So, start recasting it in your mind. Maybe Eddie Murphy still has a shot at the Riddler. Maybe Hugh Jackman will get to growl at criminals and ask them where the drugs are.

More goddamned Batman.

The prospect of Aronofsky working on a comic book version of the Dark Knight is encouraging (and could be insanely cool), but I’d like to look forward to Nolan’s installment before even thinking about who is going to shove the character down our throats again.

That’s probably a safe bet, because even if Aronofsky is pitching with his comic book, the reality of him directing a film with Batman is still miles and years away from being a done deal.

Then, hopefully, we can take a few years off before seeing someone else at the helm and under the cowl. An Aronofsky-led Batman movie would probably be phenomenal, but only if we get to take a deep breath before diving back in.

What do you think?

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