Darren Aronofsky Close to Reuniting with Hugh Jackman for ‘Wolverine’

By  · Published on October 12th, 2010

When you pour hot water into a bucket of cold water, the temperature tends to be somewhere in the middle. Does the hot water raise the temperature of the cold or does the cold bring down the temperature of the hot? I don’t know. Nobody does. It’s science, and it’s unexplainable.

However, that’s the best possible analogy for the news that Aronofsky is close to signing on with Fox as the director of Wolverine 2, a project that would see him back with his Fountain co-star Hugh Jackman. This time, with sideburns.

The franchise is at a low point, and Fox man-handles their directors, but even if Aronofsky doesn’t have a perfect batting average (and what director does?) he’s still a man that takes risks and builds in challenges to overcome. So will the hot water cool, will the cold water heat up, or will the result be something in the middle? [Deadline Muncie]

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