Countdown to Mystery Team: Derrick Comedy’s Greatest Hits

By  · Published on May 25th, 2010

We’ve been annoyingly anticipating the DVD release of Mystery Team for months and publicly doing so for the past week. That day is finally here, and we’re celebrating by counting down Derrick Comedy’s best sketches online.

You can see them instantly here, on this very website you’re looking at, with your own eyeballs.

Be sure to play them extra loud if you’re in church right now or with your grandma. I’m sure the parishioners will all love Blow Job Girl.

10. Jazz Man

The Pitch: I love Jazz Man because it combines my love of the musical genre and my love for subtle racial humor that doesn’t come off as too severe. Also, there’s farting.

9. KP

The Pitch: There’s something inspiring about something so simple, something so quick, and yet something so instantly, purely offensive.

8. He Really Gave It To Me In There

The Pitch: It’s really the absurdity of the entire premise here that makes it genius. That, and it’s inappropriate use of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

7. Thomas Jefferson

The Pitch: This is actually the newest sketch from the group, but it instantly jumped onto the list because 1) it’s based on their personal theories about Lost and b) because it involves a founding father and yacht rock.

6. Don’t Jerk Off To This

The Pitch: Sound advice for pretty much every situation in life, but here it’s directly applied to a particularly, mysteriously sensual picture of a bowl of fruit.

5. Bro-Rape

The Pitch: The dedication that it takes to make fun of investigative journalism and your own fan base is in full force here as are the big black dildos.

4. Spelling Bee

The Pitch: This is one of those sketches where the script is completely innocent except for one word. Watch it, then watch it again while imagining they’re saying “rhubarb” instead.


The Pitch: This bad boy is also new, but if there’s anything that demands mocking it’s social networking and the growth of sites that all do exactly the same thing, but now they’ve added video and a punchline that makes absolutely no goddamned sense. In the good way.

2. Memory Loss

The Pitch: Perhaps it’s my own personal love of Memento, but this video has always been one of my favorites. Fun fact: Donald Glover did not actually get all those tattoos for the sketch because his dedication to the craft is questionable.

1. Blowjob Girl

The Pitch: There can be no other #1. Not only is it perfect, it gets bonus points for featuring early work from Ellie Kemper, who would go on to join The Office.

Which ones are your favorites?

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