Comic-Con 2010: Aaron Eckhart Says In the Company of Men Sequel a Possibility

By  · Published on July 22nd, 2010

At the press conference for Battle: Los Angeles I had one goal in mind: to ask Aaron Eckhart, “When are we going to see In The Company of Men 2?” Yes, obviously it was a completely joking question. If you’ve seen In The Company of Men then you most likely know it’s not exactly something you’d think of having sequel potential.

Eckhart and director Neil Labute disagree.

When I cornered Eckhart he first laughed it off with, “The musical?,” but seriously, how great would that be? Who wouldn’t want to see slimy narcissistic businessmen singing about ruining people’s lives? I know I do. But then Eckhart dropped a bombshell with, “I don’t know, [but] we’ve talked about it.”

“Really?!” was my first thought, and then he continued, “We talked about making a Broadway show or doing a sequel to it.”

Eckhart, being completely serious, said there’s even room for more than one sequel:

“We’ve talked about doing it every ten years [about] where [Eckhart’s character Chad] is every ten years.”

All Neil LaBute fans should squeal with joy or at least dream about the potential of this idea. In The Company of Men is a fantastic film and was the classic LaBute we knew before The Wickerman came along. And where does Eckhart see Chad in ten years?

“In rehab.”

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