Colin Farrell Sinks Teeth Into ‘Fright Night’ Remake

By  · Published on May 11th, 2010

The genius of the original Fright Night is that it takes a young boy, shows him brutal murder, and makes him sound crazy to everyone around him. Isolation is a great key to fear. So is Christopher Sarandon.

Unfortunately, since he’s not available, Deadline is reporting that Colin Farrell is looking to take the role that once belonged to Sarandon for the remake of Fright Night.

This is one of those rare movies that’s both good and seems perfectly remakeable.

Alongside Ferrell’s creepy, coffin-owning next door neighbor, Anton Yelchin is set to play the young horror geek who suspects him of being a vampire. Toni Collette has also been cast in an unnamed role, but my best guess would be as Yelchin’s mother.

Of course, this whole movie is coming together in the weirdest way. What happens when you take a director who has only directed Lars and the Real Girl and Mr. Woodcock, team him with a recovering Irishman and a member of the Enterprise for a second go at a mildly well-known vampire flick from the 80s?

The bigger question is whether the make-up department can keep the rubber Huge Gaping Mouth Full of Teeth down to a sustainable level this time.

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