Channing Tatum Won’t Totally Sink ‘Jupiter Ascending’

By  · Published on June 4th, 2012

Channing Tatum Won’t Totally Sink ‘Jupiter Ascending’

There’s good reason to believe that Channing Tatum’s starring in The Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending won’t make it completely dull. According to MTV, the actor is confirmed for the role, but where this might have been bad news a year ago (a massive original sci-fi work from directors who made an indelible mark on the genre teaming with a “star” being hoisted upon us all), there’s hope now. Why? Because Tatum’s turn in 21 Jump Street helped to prove he had a personality beyond what blockbuster blandness was forced into the grinder. Plus, the Wachowskis took Keanu Reeves (the king of soporific acting) and made him into an iconic character).

Plus, Magic Mike might do a lot to show off a glittery body butter-coated version of Tatum’s personality as well.

In the forthcoming Jupiter, Tatum will play an alien of incredible intelligence sent to kill a character played by Mila Kunis. Unsurprisingly, he’s unable to kill her because, come on. Seriously. Could you? Instead, he falls in love. Most likely, bad things ensue. Hopefully a dance battle.

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