Channing Tatum Grinds Both Metal and Women in the Magic Mike XXL Trailer

By  · Published on February 4th, 2015

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

In the first Magic Mike, we saw Channing Tatum and his fellow strippers soldiering on stage dressed in camouflage. Now we get to see him in his workspace soldering furniture and wearing a protective face mask – or maybe it’s welding, not that the difference matters in this case. But don’t worry, he puts down the tools and immediately begins dancing around the room in the new trailer for Magic Mike XXL. It’s very Flashdance-like in its mix of metalwork and sexy bodies in motion. Then Joe Manganiello’s Big Dick Richie shows up for some pretend ejaculation and we know we’re back to the world of our favorite Tampa Bay bucks.

Also back for the party is Tarzan (Kevin Nash), Ken (Matt Bomer) and Tito (Adam Rodriguez), but sadly no Dallas. Without Matthew McConaughey, it’s a little less fun, let’s be honest. Still, the marketing for Magic Mike XXL couldn’t have come at a better time with its first trailer and scandalously delicious first teaser poster. Tatum would otherwise be about to have a terrible week, image-wise, with his lead role in Jupiter Ascending, which is surely going to disappoint at the box office. Seeing him grind his metal stick all suggestively before grinding his other stick all up in his clientele’s business is the best way possible to forget the sight of him with pointy ears as a human-dog hybrid with space skates.

Magic Mike XXL, which might be the most anticipated sequel of the year after Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was again scripted by Reid Carolin based on Tatum’s story but is now directed by Steven Soderbergh’s longtime producer and 1st A.D., Gregory Jacobs, who also worked on the original movie (Soderbergh is merely executive producing this time around). You can catch all the sparks and moves and heat when it opens in theaters on July 1st.

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