‘A Chair at the Beach’ Is Absurd, Anxious Comedy

A chair at the beach
By  · Published on November 10th, 2017

The short has the rare comedy voiceover that’s as funny as it thinks it is.

Comedy shorts often undermine themselves by being overly jokey, under-produced, or simply written in a way that only appeals to the filmmaker and the close acquaintances that encouraged them that yes, they should turn that funny story into a short film.

Not so with A Chair at the Beach, where the comedy is strange, the voiceover is surprisingly witty and sharp, and the conclusive punchline isn’t just satisfactory, it’s sweet. That balance is difficult to find in any short film, but to have it in a comedic film is a delightful beacon in a sea of YouTube cringe.

Bridge Stuart, who, along with co-star Derek Kelly quietly and hilariously maneuvers an awkward social situation. Its pleasant outcome and light gags are perfect for the aspiring film student looking for cheap comic inspiration.

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