‘Captain America’ May Have Found His Nemesis, But Still Hasn’t Found Himself

By  · Published on March 12th, 2010

Marvel continues to play ChatRoulette with potential actors for the title role in their upcoming flick The First Avenger: Captain America, but it seems they may have found their villain.

Per the Heat Vision blog, Marvel is currently in negotiations with Hugo Weaving to star as Mr. America’s arch nemesis, Red Skull. If Weaving accepts Marvel’s notoriously low payday offer it will probably be the best piece of news this production has seen yet. Weaving will be re-teaming with director Joe Johnston after his role as one of the few bright spots in Johnston’s abysmal remake of The Wolfman. He’s a fantastically charismatic actor as evidenced by his roles in The Matrix and Lord of the Rings trilogies, and he’s even memorable when all he has to work with is his voice (V For Vendetta, Babe).

Red Skull has been battling Captain America in the comics since the early forties when he worked as Hitler’s right hand man in charge of nefarious deeds and ill will. There’s some speculation that he’s also responsible for those Hitler propaganda parody videos we all love so much, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Captain America is scheduled for release in July of 2011, so Marvel needs to get moving on their ongoing (and boring at this point) search for an actor to fill the blue spandex. Several names have already been attached and just as quickly detached, but as of this minute the current front-runners are Chris Evans (Fantastic Four), Garrett Hedlund (Troy), and Mike Vogel (Cloverfield).

What do you think about Hugo Weaving as Red Skull?

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