Caprica: The Reins of a Waterfall

By  · Published on February 6th, 2010

Synopsis: The Graystones deal with the fallout from Amanda’s televised (and incorrect) admission of Zoe’s involvement in the train bombing. In the midst of all of this, Joe Adama strong-arms Daniel into allowing him to see his daughter’s avatar again. When Daniel is unable to deliver, Joe, who feels Daniel is responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter, decides to balance the score and coolly asks Sam to bump off Amanda.

Review: All in all, Caprica held steady with another satisfying episode. Lacy persuades a friend of the Mag-Lev train bomber to help her transport Zoe’s avatar and its massive, metal Cylon shell to Gemenon, showing that she isn’t as timid and oblivious as she may have seemed in the past; snooty Daniel Graystone is roughed-up and emasculated in an alley by the Adamas, something that brought great joy to my life, even though the guy didn’t “technically” deserve it; and Patton Oswalt plays Braxton Samo, a talk show host, cracking wise at the expense of the disgraced Graystones.

Like last week, the final minute of the show was the most audacious. “Daniel Graystone lost his daughter. I lost my daughter and my wife,” Joe says to his brother. “Balance it out.” Yes, it’s over-the-top and soap opera-esque, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it. While Amanda’s outburst last week was similarly outrageous, the conclusion of this week’s episode felt less contrived. It also revealed a darker side of Joe who, despite his Ha’la’tha connections, usually appears to be somewhat principled.

So far it seems that every character on this show is capable of surprise – Joe puts this hit out on Amanda, meek Lacy tackles some guy in a park, ruthless Sam lives a quaint life with his husband – and I think that that will keep viewers engaged and propel the series forward. This being said, I am a bit frightened by the sheer number of characters and all of the simultaneous plotlines – Daniel is working on the Cylons and dealing with a PR nightmare, Sam is indoctrinating his impressionable young nephew, Sister Clarice is manipulating Lacy and talking to disembodied voices, Lacy is being manipulated by Sister Clarice and talking to a disembodied body, the cops are determined to search the Graystone’s house, and on and on. Hopefully the focus will narrow as the season progresses.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?