Can You Make a “Comic Book Movie” Without a Comic Book? Kevin Smith Wants To

By  · Published on August 20th, 2014


Absolutely terrible title aside, it sure sounds like Kevin Smith’s next film – no, no, not Tusk, not the one about a guy who tries to turn Justin Long into a walrus, which still sounds like the most demented thing we have to look forward to this year and perhaps ever, but the one after that – could be a whole lot of fun. After all, the film is going to be a family affair and the closest thing that Smith has ever come to a comic book movie. It’s also called Yoga Hosers. Oof. The Hollywood Reporter shares that Smith has enlisted the star power of Johnny Depp for the feature, who will also be bringing along his daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, for a leading role. Convenient, really, considering that Smith has also added his own daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, to the cast. Cute! Nepotism-tastic! Somewhere in between!

The younger Depp and Smith are actually the true stars of the feature, as the film “centers on 15-year-old yoga nuts Colleen Collette (Lily-Rose Depp) and Colleen McKenzie (Harley Quinn Smith), who have an after-school job at a Manitoba convenience store called Eh-2-Zed. When an ancient evil rises from beneath Canada’s crust and threatens their big invitation to a Grade 12 party, the Colleens join forces with a legendary man-hunter from Montreal named Guy Lapointe (Depp) to fight for their lives with, according to the producers, ‘all seven Chakras, one Warrior Pose at a time.’”

So, they love yoga and they are going to use it to fight an evil. And, also, it sounds kind of adorably high-schooly. And Smith thinks it’s a comic book movie. Wait. What? Is there a comic book about yoga teens out there that we don’t already know about? Nope – Smith has just decided that he can make a “comic book movie” without, well, a comic book.

The film is described as being an “action-adventure movie,” but Smith also seems to be bent on calling it his very first comic book movie. Uh, without the comic book. The filmmaker told THR, “People always ask me ‘Are you ever going to make a comic book movie?’” This is it – but instead of yet another dude saving the day, our antiheroes are the most feared and formidable creatures man has ever encountered: two 15-year-old girls.” But where is the comic book?

Perhaps we don’t even need comic books to make comic book movies now – or maybe Smith is playing possum and the director, who has also actual written comic books in the past, just might be working on a special tie-in book for the film. Or maybe we’re actually in the post-comic book era of comic book movies. You don’t even need a comic book anymore. Just make a movie now.

Random rambling aside, Smith is probably referring more to the tone of the feature – action-y, funny, heavy on the heroics – when it comes to its classification. There’s also the influence of world-building, which appears to be playing a big part in both Yoga Hosers and Tusk. THR shares that Yoga Hosers “is the second installment in Smith’s True North trilogy of movies that are steeped in Canadian myths and culture.” Everyone knows that Canadian myth involves a lot of yoga.

Tusk happens to be the first installment of said trilogy, so it should come as little surprise that the “entire” cast of Tusk is also on board for some Hosers fun, including Michael Parks, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Ralph Garman and Harley Morenstein. They will be joined by a whole mess of other stars, including Tony Hale, Natasha Lyonne, Austin Butler, Adam Brody, Tyler Posey and Jason Mewes.

In fact, the Colleens actually appear in Tusk, too – just check out the film’s trailer below and jump to the 0:49 mark. Boom! Both Colleens, hard at work at the Eh-2-Zed, hating Americans. Now that’s an Easter egg:

The film is already in production, as Smith tweeted a “hey, our first day is done” tweet last night from the set:

Wrapped an excellent & FUNNY first Day on @YogaHosers! Big thanks to @MrTonyHale, @nlyonne, Lily, Harley & the crew!

— KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) August 20, 2014

Does that mean there’s still time for him to write a comic book about his comic book movie before it hits screens? Sounds like it to us.

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