‘Bloodsport’ Becomes the Latest Remake That Nobody Asked For

By  · Published on July 25th, 2013

First Stallone, now Van Damme, it seems today was the day to reboot the films of 80s action stars. The latest is Bloodsport, the 1988 action film that served as Jean-Claude Van Damme’s first major starring role (outside of his turn as ‘Gay Karate Man’ in Monaco Forever). Variety reports that James McTeigue, of V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin, will be directing the upcoming remake.

While the original film was based off of a somewhat-true story (the real-life version of Van Damme’s character, Frank Dux, allegedly fought in a bloody tournament similar to the filmed one), the updated story will likely have a political edge. Two years ago, it was reported that a new Bloodsport would follow a mercenary fresh from Afghanistan, who seeks respite from violence but ends up in a deadly Brazilian fighting tournament. There’s no word on the Afghanistan angle, but Variety’s article does include the phrases “21st century mercenaries” and “Brazilian Vale Tudo fighting.” Both would seemingly tie right back into the older story.

Does the world need another Bloodsport? Almost certainly not. But it’s a movie that still retains some name recognition, so it’s ripe for the remaking. There’s no word yet on any cast members, but the script (penned by Robert Mark Kamen of The Karate Kid, The Fifth Element and Taken) will see rewrites before filming.