Ben Affleck Welcomes Justin Timberlake to His Scary Island in New ‘Runner Runner’ Clip

By  · Published on August 27th, 2013

Before he dons the Batman costume and endures the rage of thousands of confused and disgruntled fans who are outraged they weren’t consulted about a studio’s casting choice, Ben Affleck will be playing a different kind of billionaire.

In Brad Furman’s Runner Runner, Affleck is the head of an online poker company that is apparently located on the world’s most ominous tropical island. Here, he meets with average not-30-year-old college student Justin Timberlake, who has decided that gambling via online poker would be the smartest way to pay off his student loans. When that plan goes sour and he loses all of his money instead, he flies to Spooky Island to meet with Affleck. Check out the clip below:

So, Timberlake doesn’t see anything shady going on here? Nothing at all? He’s just going to stay on this island and hang out and do stuff for this guy who is almost a caricature of a villain? In the accompanying stills, which also feature costar Gemma Arterton, it does look like his new life beats hanging out in the suburbs and slowly paying off student loans, but man. You attend a bangin’ party with a pretty girl in a pink dress, hop on a private jet, wave around a few guns and suddenly you forget that you’re there because you owe Batfleck thousands upon thousands of dollars.

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Was that clip not enough for you? Look no further than our own Neil Miller’s take on the ridiculous full trailer.

Runner, Runner is in theaters October 4th. [IGN, via The Playlist]

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