Ben Affleck Sniffs Around ‘American Bullshit’

By  · Published on January 19th, 2011

In the late 1970s, the FBI went into business creating Abdul Enterprises. They weren’t selling Paula Abdul memorobilia (considering that she wouldn’t even be famous until a few years later); they were trying to see if members of Congress would attempt to bribe a (fake) foreign dignitary. Some did. The whole thing was coined the Abdul Scam (or Abscam for short), and shouted all over the nightly news. It resulted in several convictions.

This is the tale that Ben Affleck might be looking to as his next directorial effort. The script for American Bullshit was written by The International writer Eric Warren Singer according to Deadline Williamsburg.

They also note that Affleck has to choose between this, a story about New York Yankees wife-swapping in the 70s called The Trade, and a life-do-over movie about a middle-aged man who becomes 18 again called Replay. And, you know, the other half-dozen projects he’s thinking about doing. The FBI would make for the most interesting subject matter here, and it would be a nice lateral move away from the crime dramas of Boston.

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