Because You Asked For It: More ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Rebooting

By  · Published on November 3rd, 2010

Since October’s over, it’s time to finally start talking about horror, and the future of horror is the past. It was clear that, when Platinum Dunes walked away from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre rights that Twisted Pictures was all over it like a baseball bat on the soft part of the cranium.

It all seemed sort of stalled though, but now the director of Jason Goes to Hell (you know, the one where Jason goes to Hell) is set to co-write a script for a new Massacre that’s set more than three decades after the original film. Adam Marcus will be working alongside the relatively untested Debra Sullivan to get the story down. Hopefully they’ll be writing in a lot of chainsaws aimed at the screen because this one’s in 3D.

So get ready for Texas Chainsaw with no Leatherface/60 year old Leatherface, and definitely no Grandpa. With Saw gone, they’ve got to hang their money hat on something. [Bloody D]

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