Because You Asked For It: A Horror Movie About Hoarders

By  · Published on March 8th, 2011

In one corner, a bunch of ratty magazines. In another, a mountain of moldy yogurt. All over the floor, a herd of wild cats roams free. The horror, the horror, the hoarding. So it’s a pretty big television phenomenon, and soon, Adria Petty will be directing a film called Suffocate featuring a hoarder who kills.

For those outside of the know on one of the most depressing shows of all time, a hoarder is someone who compulsively collects things, surrounding himself with rotting junk even as he goes to get more. How do they spin that into a horror concept?

By placing it in a hoarder’s brownstone house where a group of municipal employees find themselves locked in with a bunch of…traps. That’s right. A bunch of random people are locked in a house with traps. It’s Saw 2 with piles of junk everywhere. At least, that’s the cynical, short view. By all means, the movie could turn out to be a great little slasher, but the root concept has been done to, you know, death. Here’s hoping for some truly disgusting production design. That’s what might put this one over the top.

The project is set up at Radar Pictures, which has had a really rough go of it the past few years with All About Steve, Twelve, The Box, Swing Vote, The Heartbreak Kid, Horsemen, and Son of the Mask. That’s just since 2005. The slightly passable Amityville Horror remake is tucked away in there, but all of the sudden it seems really understandable why Radar would go for a film about a killer who surrounds himself with garbage.

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