Because Of Course It Is: ‘Top Gun’ Being Converted to 3D for New Release

By  · Published on September 12th, 2011

As the event horizon of Hollywood remakes and reboots approaches (that will be the day when they start remaking and rebooting films within the same year of release, a once-laughable situation that now seems oddly possible), the studios are turning to another way to use retread material as the basis for new theatrical releases. The next frontier? Converting old films to 3D! It’s happening for James Cameron’s Titanic (what a fun way to celebrate the anniversary of the big ship’s tragic end, right?), and now it’s happening for Tony Scott’s Top Gun. Because of course it is. It could be no other way.

The danger zone will take on an added dimension thanks to Legend3D, who is converting the 1986 “classic” (really?) for a presumed theatrical release sometime in early 2012. Legend3D is doing the conversion as part of a revenue sharing deal they have with Paramount, with Legend3D footing the bill.

So what does Scott think of this? Who knows! The CEO of Legend3D, Rob Hummel, admitted as much, saying that he “knows they want to get Tony Scott’s approval before they go forward.” That sounds…dangerous. Eh, not really, I just need to slip in a Top Gun quote somewhere.

A four-minute preview of the film was shown to convention-goers at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam today. I’ll abstain from making jokes about Amsterdam munchies here and how they may or may not have colored initial reactions.

So, tell me, Goose ‐ would you see Top Gun in 3D? [THR]

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