Tomris Laffly

Freelance writer and film critic based in New York. Bylines at Film Journal, Time Out NY, Movie Mezzanine, Indiewire, and others.

With ‘Thoroughbreds,’ First-Time filmmaker Cory Finley Explores the Concept of Privilege Through Satire

By Tomris Laffly 

“Male characters in movies have been allowed to be pretty terrible people and still get us to root for them. We have to be able to love messy anti-hero female characters, even female villains, as much as we do male ones.”

‘1985’ Review: A Quietly Unassuming Tearjerker

By Tomris Laffly 

Yen Tan’s miracle of a film masterfully sets a heartbreaking, small-scaled familial story against the massive backdrop of the AIDS crisis.

Phantom Thread Costumes

‘Phantom Thread’ Costume Designer Mark Bridges Deserves His Second Oscar

By Tomris Laffly 

Long-time Paul Thomas Anderson collaborator’s work in ‘Phantom Thread’ is a lot more complex than it gets credit for.

‘The 15:17 to Paris’ Review: A Bland Reenactment of Real-Life Heroism

By Tomris Laffly 

In a puzzling casting decision, actual heroes play themselves in Clint Eastwood’s dull ode to American audacity.

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Sundance 2018: Three Inventive, Female-Driven Films Worth Seeking Out

By Tomris Laffly 

‘White Rabbit,’ ‘Skate Kitchen,’ and ‘Shirkers’ are inventive female-driven stories of defiance and identity.

Liam Neeson in The Commuter

‘The Commuter’ Review: A Very Welcome, Old-Fashioned Action Flick

By Tomris Laffly 

Liam Neeson’s punches save the day in this satisfying, 90s-inspired Jaume Collet-Serra locomotive.

Rewind Fashion

Clothes Make Characters: 2017’s Finest in Costume Design

By Tomris Laffly 

An exploration of the best movie fashion of 2017.

The Phantom Thread Trailer Efcf Ff Bb Aecabdb

‘Phantom Thread’ Review: A Twisted Affair of Passion

By Tomris Laffly 

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest is a handsomely stitched love story, draped with surprising delights.

The Post

‘The Post’ Review: Gripping, Timely, and a Superb Meryl Streep

By Tomris Laffly 

Steven Spielberg’s latest gives The Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham her due with a polished drama.