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‘Aladdin’ Trailer Breakdown: A Slightly New World

By Samantha Olthof 

There are merits to a faithful adaptation, but will this Disney remake go too far to assuage our nostalgia?

Nick Fury

Nick Fury: Cynic or Secret Optimist?

By Samantha Olthof 

The young, laughing, cat-cuddling Nick Fury seen in ‘Captain Marvel’ may show us the optimistic underside of our favorite MCU spymaster.

Arya Look Game Of Thrones Season

How Trailers Have Changed in a Post-Spoilers World

By Samantha Olthof 

When it comes to established mega-series like the Marvel Cinematic Universe or ‘Game of Thrones,’ are trailers even needed anymore?

phone calls in movies Die Hard Cropped

Phone Calls in Movies: How Remote Communication Can Enhance a Scene

By Samantha Olthof 

Watch two video essays analyzing how phone calls, texting, and video calls can be used creatively in modern media.