Mike X. Nichols

Adores storytelling and raccoons. Fought the void but the void won.
Bringing Out the Dead

Finding the Living in Martin Scorsese’s ‘Bringing Out the Dead’

By Mike X. Nichols 

A personal story about trauma, healing, and staying up all night to find humanity with Martin Scorsese and Nicolas Cage in ‘Bringing Out The Dead.’

Us Jordan Peele

What Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Captures About Inequality

By Mike X. Nichols 

Jordan Peele’s new nightmare shows us that horror’s potential empathy is often under-appreciated.

Get Out Daniel Kaluuya

Why Horror Matters

By Mike X. Nichols 

Horror has faced aspersions time after time. In being on the fringe of pop culture, the genre has had the space to do bold things. To be transgressive. To leave an indelible mark on the medium of film.

Phantom Thread

What ‘Phantom Thread’ Gets Right About OCD

By Mike X. Nichols 

An exploration of the nuanced relationship of Alma and Reynolds and the barrier between them.

hopeful movies Worldoftomorrow

10 Hopeful Movies for Dark Times

By Mike X. Nichols 

If the world is bringing you down, these hopeful movies can bring you back up again.

Moviegoing is an Odyssey

By Mike X. Nichols 

“Life isn’t like in the movies. Life… is much harder.”

Paddington Prison

What ‘Paddington’ Gets Right About Adoption

By Mike X. Nichols 

A deep exploration of one of the most brilliant things about the ‘Paddington’ franchise.

Annihilation Sci Fi

What My Experience With Cancer Helped Me Understand About ‘Annihilation’

By Mike X. Nichols 

A deeply personal story about the relentlessness of mutating cells and what Alex Garland’s Annihilation gets right about cancer.