Matt Hoffman

Toronto-based cinephile who especially enjoys French films.
House That Jack Built

‘The House That Jack Built’ Review: Lars von Trier’s Construction of Violent Delights

By Matt Hoffman 

Lars von Trier is doing his Lars von Trier shtick again.

Assassination Nation

Sam Levinson on Creating Chaos in ‘Assassination Nation’

By Matt Hoffman 

Levinson discusses his polarizing sophomore feature.


‘BlacKkKlansman’ Review: Spike Lee Brings the Rage

By Matt Hoffman 

Spike Lee delivers one of his most significant and most provocative films.

Arctic Hs Dsc

Cannes 2018: Mads Mikkelsen on Surviving ‘Arctic’ and the Possible Return of ‘Hannibal’

By Matt Hoffman 

The great Dane reflects on his latest and restores hope for Hannibal fans.


Cannes 2018: Gaspar Noé on Dancing, Tripping, and Preparing for Death.

By Matt Hoffman 

Even in person, filmmaker Gaspar Noé never fails to shock and surprise.

Von Trotta

Cannes 2018: ‘Searching For Ingmar Bergman’ with Margarethe von Trotta

By Matt Hoffman 

The German New Wave icon discusses her exploration of Swedish master Ingmar Bergman.

Wildlife Still

Cannes 2018: ‘Wildlife’ Offers a Look Behind the Facade of Suburbia

By Matt Hoffman 

Carey Mulligan is astounding in this tale of suburban angst by Paul Dano in his directorial debut.

X Cannes

The 7 Films We Can’t Wait to See at Cannes 2018

By Matt Hoffman 

A look ahead at our coverage of the 71st Cannes Film Festival.

Enter Beirut Movie Review Ny

Jon Hamm on ‘Beirut,’ Fake News, and Living in a Post-Don Draper World

By Matt Hoffman 

“Everyone is fake newsing themselves into their own weird little rabbit hole.”