Kendall Cromartie

Kendall is a recent graduate and San Diego native who is passionate about the environment, writing, and above all else Keanu Reeves.
The Dark Knight Of Gotham City

Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ Will Be “New and Cool”

By Kendall Cromartie 

The Caped Crusader is in for an original but faithful adventure with his next solo movie.

‘Venom’ Gets Hungry in a Killer New Trailer

By Kendall Cromartie 

“The world has enough superheroes,” indeed.

Star Wars 9 Announce Update Tall

Let’s Talk About The ‘Star Wars 9’ Cast

By Kendall Cromartie 

Leia, Lando, and force-ghost Luke oh my!

Ryan Reynolds

‘Home Alone’ Gets an R-rated Twist with Ryan Reynold’s at the Helm

By Kendall Cromartie 

The upcoming film, titled Stoned Alone, will center around—you guessed it—a man home alone while high out of his mind. The Deadpool star is set to produce the spoof with Augustine Frizzell as director.

Unlocking The Real Evil Within ‘Jaws’

By Kendall Cromartie 

We all know Mayor Vaughn is the real reason behind the people of Amity Island being served up as smörgåsbord.


‘Zombieland 2’ and the Evolution of the Undead

By Kendall Cromartie 

The tried-and-true “double tap” might not be enough to hold back the new horde of zombies.


Revolutionary Heroine Batwoman to Soar Into New CW Series

By Kendall Cromartie 

The most high-profile gay character in DC Comics, Kate Kane is getting her own show as early as next year.


Dominic West and David Oyelowo Face Off in New ‘Les Misérables’ Series

By Kendall Cromartie 

Cad Df Af C Aeaeebf Fxs Pose

‘Frankenstein’ Retelling to Star ‘Pose’ Actress Indya Moore

By Kendall Cromartie 

The anthology series pilot is a passion project of up-and-coming filmmaker Che Grayson.