Jenna Benchetrit

Jenna is a writer from Montreal. When not rewatching 'Broadcast News', she can be found working on a master's degree in journalism.
John Wick Red Circle Club Fight

The Battle Style Behind the ‘John Wick’ Red Circle Club Scene

By Jenna Benchetrit 

Believe it or not, John Wick’s unparalleled moves don’t just come naturally.


How ‘The Leftovers’ Hid Its Message In The Music

By Jenna Benchetrit 

Even with a score from Max Richter, the show’s soundtrack music stood out — and had plenty to say.

Six Feet Under Finale

Cherishing The Memory of The ‘Six Feet Under’ Finale

By Jenna Benchetrit 

A commemorative candle for one of the greatest television finales of all time.

The Horrors of Confined Space in ‘Misery’

By Jenna Benchetrit 

In this 1990 classic, a celebrated novelist is trapped by a psychotic nurse, a locked bedroom, and his own celebrity.

Days Of Heaven

How ‘Days of Heaven’ Was Filmed With a Visually Impaired Cinematographer

By Jenna Benchetrit 

The 1978 film left a legacy of gorgeous cinematography, and the story behind its production is unforgettable.

Ford Br

How The Legacy Film Gives New Life to Franchise Cinema

By Jenna Benchetrit 

Dan Golding explores a recent trend in which older blockbusters are passed on to a new generation.

Captain Marvel Empowerment

The Empowering Message of ‘Captain Marvel’

By Jenna Benchetrit 

The newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has its hero take back what was stolen from her.

Steven Spielberg business Netflix

Steven Spielberg Has A Long History of Opposing Streaming

By Jenna Benchetrit 

Recent reports say the director intends to propose a ban on Netflix and other streaming platforms from Oscars contention, but at what cost?

Oscars No Host

Should The Oscars Ever Have A Host Again?

By Jenna Benchetrit 

The Academy Awards went hostless last night for the first time in 30 years. It actually worked out for the best.