Austin Film Festival Diary – Trapped in Austin – Day 2?

By  · Published on October 24th, 2006

So you say I haven’t been updating? Good eye, friend, but please let me explain. First of all, it wasn’t my fault. Second of all, it, in fact, probably was completely my fault.

The problem with the festival is that it’s dutifully sponsored by two alcohol companies that make sure everyone has a copious amount of free liquor (or “brain spackle juice” as it was known in the seventies). This, along with the rigorous 9am to 2am schedule of non-stop events, makes for some difficulty in keeping awake once I’m back at the hotel room with my laptop.

I’m sorry. I’ve failed you all.

That being said, the festival has gone incredibly well. Today, I attended two panels: one entitled What Gets Producer’s Excited and another about common mistakes that writers make. Both were fairly informative, but certainly that’s not what the readers of this site want to hear about.

So let’s get to the movies.

Tonight I was excited to see The TV Set and a documentary called Pirate Radio U.S.A. Check out their reviews by utilizing the handy links just below the sentence you’re currently reading.

– Review: The TV Set

Review: Pirate Radio U.S.A

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